How to fix or upgrade your custom content after "Cats & Dogs" ?

1. Downloading and setting Sims4Studio.

To download Sim 4 Studio go to Sims4Studio web site and freely register.
Then use the link Whishes, scroll the page down and click on « Installer » and install the program as you usually do.

Click on the « Parameter » tab, complete the necessary boxes and save your changes.

To make Sim 4 studio recognizing your custom content, click on sur « My CP» and give the program the routing of your CC :

User name/My documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.

Once done, a list of your CC will appear each time you’ll click on « My CC » This will allow you to see the CC you have as well as to delete some CC if you so whish.

2. Fix or upgrade your custom content.

Open Sim 4 Studio and click on « Content Management ».

A dialog box opens, choose « Batch Fixes » on the list and click it, then click on« Objects » and on « Fix objects for Cats and Dogs Patch ».

A new dialog box opens : Check if S4S recognized the way to your custom content. If not, click on « Browse » to get a routing as in the following picture.

Click on « Run ». A 3rd dialog box opens and indicates the number of items which were corrected or fixed.

All your CC objects are now fixed or upgraded.

Article prepared and illustrated by Guardgian

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