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How to solve the problems encountered with personal content for Pets.? (07/11/2011 modifications)

How is your game?

1) 1) You have not installed Pets AND you have not installed the latest patch proposed by your launcher : you must not do anything to your custom content but you must pay attention to the information provided on the download sites. In this case, you should not download content that is specified to be compatible with the latest patch and/or with Pets.

2) 2) You have not installed Pets BUT you have installed the latest patch proposed by your launcher : you need to modify your custom content following the instructions below and you will now have to download content that is compatible with Pets although you did not install the add-on.

3) 3) You have installed Pets, the patch is automatically installed with the add-on : the same procedure as in the previous case, the former content should be fixed and you need to pay attention to future downloads.

Edit your game

The Sims Ressources (TSR), developed an efficient solution and I am personnally very grateful to them. Using their program is quite simple, I will not reproduce all their explanation screens, I'll just list you the most important steps. To follow the procedure screen by screen, I invite you to open the following link: 3 steps to change your personal content on TSR.

Step 1

1) IMPORTANT: make a full backup of your game. Copy the folder contained under "Documents" or "My Documents" found in "Electronic Arts" (in full if you have only The Sims 3 EA game) or sub- folder "Electronic Arts / Sims 3" if you have other EA games.
2) It is imperative that the game is patched and / or to have Pets installed to proceed.
3) For the "TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer" program to work, you need a library named "granny2.dll". It is legally prohibited from providing this library via this website and / or via TSR. To solve this problem:
- This dll is already on your PC via installing another application. You'll find it using the "search" function of your computer.
- Either you do a search on the internet to download this dll via a site that has permission to distribute it. HERE for example (604 KB)

WARNING : There are several versions of this "granny2.dll". Make sure you have a version dated 2009 or latest. If this is not the case, the "TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer" program will not work and will display an error.
- Download the tool "TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer". Run "rigfix_setup.msi" by double clicking on it and install it by default. (Follow the screens offered by TSR if you hesitate).
- Place the "granny2.dll" file in the installation folder "TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer". Depending on your operating system, this file will be a style of address "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ The Sims Resource \ TSR RigFix.

Step 2

Double-click the "TSR Pets CC Bug Fixer" which should now be on your desktop or launch it from your list of programs. You can follow the process of implementing screens.
A message will summarize the procedure, click OK.
The following screen should definitely contain the following words "Found the granny2.dll ..." meaning that the library has been detected by your system.
Warning: if you have an error message, it means that the dll "granny2.dll" is not copied to the right place and / or that it is not good version (2009 version)!
The rest is pretty simple and repetitive:
1) Patch the DCCache folder: with "Choose File" button, browse your computer to find "My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ DCCache". Filter files (right mouse button) to have only the extensions "DBC files (*. Dbc)." Select all your files "dcdbX.dbc" or X = a digit from 0 to .... Most of the time, you'll only have a "dcdb0.dbc" file. Click "Fix Selected" to patch the selected files. Wait for the conversion, a message will inform you of the success process.
2) Patch the DCBackup folder: do exactly the same with the "DCBackup" folder. You can always uncheck files you do not want to convert.
Now the game is compatible for your patch and / or the new add-on but not your custom content.

Step 3

Convert your Sims3packs and / or package files, that is to say, your personal content. Follow the instructions on TSR.
The procedure is exactly the same as for the files of the game. Browse your computer to find your downloads backup, such as, for example "E: \ downloads sims3" where your favorite content is stored. Use the "Fix Selected" button to convert.

Possible errors

TSR reports that memory errors - "out of memory" - may occur with downloads of over 2GB. I will describe in detail the method to follow in this case once it will be tested. Do not hesitate to return to this page, these explanations are likely to evolve with time.

I hope these simple instructions will help you to keep enjoying EA new creations and the creations of the community.

All creations of the site are now converted.

For any questions, do not hesitate to email is at your disposal :

Khany Sims can not be held responsible or respond to policy change on TSR programs linked in the tutorial.

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